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If anyone have some sharpening information, or different opinion on anything written on this page, feel free to write me. I will be more then glad to learn something new.

You can use this. Or write to me directly, my contact informations are: or ICQ: 418-744-110


I tried to minimize usage of shortcuts, so it can be clear for everybody, but I'm afraid that you may find them sometimes. Anyway I guess, that most MMORPGs players know those and understand .

I currently play on server [EN-RP] Laurelin. I have a high end loremaster Sorondur and I'm a member of the great kinship of Shield-brothers, thanks to whom I was able to get all that not yet best gear. I'm still missing few pieces. But I'll try to show and explain you my opinion.

I'd also like to warn you, cause I'm not that type of guy who thinks that LM is melee class. So everything in this page is written for people who like LMs as casters.

I assure you, that this material, anyhow it may seem similar, it is not copied from anywhere but my head. But it is possible that I taken over some ideas from others as in game I'm always inspecting all Loremasters i can see to be sure that I still have the best available gear.