So for the gear. I putted here mainly screens of gear that I use, I also tried to add some info about using them and where can you find it, but i don't really remember all those places.


I'm pretty sure, that everybody know that Stone-readers set is simillar with stats to Lady's wisdom, but the bonus +10% Fire damage is much more of use for DPS traited loremaster then +5s of mezz. And I'd rather get some new first age for my DKP then set that I won't be using anyway .

Stone reader's

This is the first of two sets. If you compare the stats of each item, you find out that only shoulders from the new armour have better stats then stone reader's.

This set is usefull on Watcher and Turtle, because of acid defence. And it is definitely better in PVP thanks to damage boost.

This set is obtained from 4x 6-people instances and from Watcher.


Another part of loremasters dream.

This is critted cloak from Lothlorien, you need supreme mastery for this.

Some people thinks that cloak of shadow and flame from v2b6ch8 is better, but I was always fan of this one.


It may be a surprise, but I think about swords as extra stats, not as some serious damage buff. If you want to be a LM/Champion then go and get some Lothlorien sword.

This is one of perfect items in this game. It has everything that lore master can want. Doesn't provide tactical critical, but such good items just couldn't be in game.

This is pretty regular drop from last boss in 3-man waterworksinstance.

This sword used to be a kickass of his age. Nevertheless it can be used even these days, if you want to max your critical rating.

You can get this one in Ettenmoors from LM trader for few stones from Delving of Fror .


There are many options in jewellery, even if you want to choose the best. It all depends on your other stats and goals. I'll try to inform you also about other options, but i usually don't have them screened, because when I considered them not that usefull I usually threw them away in need of space or didn't even obtained.

Level 50, but I'm still convinced that it is best caster's necklace ever.

Drops in Barad Gularan, from one of witches.

3x Woot, no seriously. Every LM and hunter desire this one, altought it drops rarely.

Watcher Drop.

Before i got this one i used Phial of swirling waters from book or you can use glass prism and i even saw some loremaster with memorial plaque from Fil gashan.

Morale boosting earring, any class has use of it. It is part of my gear that is usually on all the time.

Drops in Grand stair from last boss in hard mode.

This is raiding alternative for Diamond Stud, if you have to do some hard power sharing.

Drop from Dark delving, last boss. The drop rate is speculative. I've been there for 30 times, until I got two of them and then it dropped twice in a row.

One of beauties from Lothlorien. This is very usefull bracelet, it boost your power sharing and your surviability. What else can one want.

Supreme master craft.

This is simillar bracelet to the previous, but it has some extra power, so I usually equip this one for raids.

This one can be bartered in Lothlorien for 15 gold and 30 silver leaves.

Pretty nice one, but because it doesn't have any in combat power regen i don't use it anymore.

Rare drop from Dark delving, it is shame that you can't use two of them anymore.

Ehm, this may be unusuall for loremaster, but i managed to get my tactical crit to 2000 even without tactics rings, so i decided to invest some space to morale.

This is also critted Lothlorien ring.

And there goes the LM/RK version. Some people use the old tactics ring, because of wound resist that gives vitality.

Another one from Lothlorien, bah this is begining to be stereotype.

I used this one, before the lothlorien and tactics rings. It is very nice ring for loremaster/minstrel or captain.

Very rare drop from 16th hall last boss.

That is all usefull gear that I wear these days. If you think that something really needs to be here please send me and e-mail, preferably with its screenshot and some basic info.