This part contains all my knowledge about traits. I tried to to put some good info even for traits, that I don't like, but i'm not sure if i was really succesfull.


I recommend these virtues. I generally aim for improving my surviability, that mainly means raising morale, lowering vulnerability, and some extra fate. I don't use wisdom because I have shit loads of power all the time. You can also use innocence, because -5% incoming melee damage is almost as good as valour, but I rather have my morale as high as possible.


Since Mines of moria we have 3 trait trees: damage built - Master of nature's fury, raid(debuff) built - Ancient master and the worst, in my opinion the completly stupid built aimed for "support" role - Keeper of animals

Master of nature's fury

Awesome thing, the difference in damage between this and other trait builds is stunning. It has only one con, it reduces your blinding flash to unusable skill. That means total game style change, but it is definitely worth it. With other build you have to keep one mob mezzed, while you kill the other one. In this built you can burn throught 3 mobs in no time, with relatively no problems.

This trait is my favorite trait because of 5% morale. Improved staff strike is not that awesome, but it is still nice improvement. It enables you to stun enemies sometimes for 5s, so it is pretty long stun and you also deal some extra damage on flanked enemies.
Are you pissed that you are the only class which has morale cost on skills? There gives you Codemasters a chance to reduce your skills morale cost... Now seriously this trait is worth it, beacause it saves your morale, and you can never have enough of morale ;]
Cheer up, this trait lowers your inductions. That means less of annoying interrupts. The power saving is not that important, but why not.
Simply clever... +10% fire damage. The wish of every single little boy ;)
Do not ever underestimate this skill. If you have the legacy that adds pulses to this skill, you can cause as much damage in time as you do with cracked earth. So 15% is pretty much.
Completly wasted trait place, those little bits of power won't help you much anyway. Also i don't realy understand why is this trait in damage built...
Simple, but not clever at all -3% power cost. What the hell.
This might seem like a good trait, BUT usage of storm lore is seldom. And even if you use it when you can you don't do that much damage so... Another wasted trait


Ancient master

The raid built, your enemies will be debuffed to death ;) Not all of these traits are useable, but you have to slot at least five, so you can slot Force of will, which is essential for raids.

One of the important ones. It doubles the duration of Power of knowledge. If you have around 4 000 power, it almost fully recharge you. +20Will on Ancient wisdom is nothing much.
Deep lore, one of awesome trait, that is not really needed. It enables you to root 5 more targets with Herb lore and also debuff 5 more with Fire and Wind lore. When soloing you hardly need to root or debuff more then 3 targets. In raid it is usefull only on large groups of trash mobs, on whom you don't really need to debuff that much. In moors - you can root 1/3 of raid but do you really want to?
Same case as with Fire lore, on bosses this is apreciated.
Nice utility trait, no induction on blinding flash. You still can't do it while moving, but it is faster and the maintenance of meyyed mobs is easier.
Lol, the difference is minor, and usually nothing that bad happens if you got blinding flash resisted. Not much usefull trait imho.
This trait shall be part of Monf trait set. Who cares about tar induction, but it makes Sticky gourd induction same long as LoTRD that is 0.8s. IT means burst of damage and less interrupting on one of you most awesome skills
The improvement is not that awesome, but on bosses every extra debuff counts huh?
Ever wanted to make hunter even more angry in spar, or in raid better defence against ranged mobs? This is your choice then.


Keeper of Animals

The lamest goes last. This was meant as solo/support trait tree. Except 3 traits it sucks big time and even the capstone legendary isn't that good. It is interesting way of playing for sure, but not very effective. Maybe I'm just not that type of player, but relying on your pet seems pathetic to me. This build works that way, that if your pet dies, you'll die too.

This skill is necessary for power sharing as it saves you a lot of power. It also helps on places, where you have to remove wounds/diseases quickly.
Support healing... It enhances your only healing skill. It is sometimes helpfull, if you have bad minstrel, or a lot of people wounded, so your minstrel frind will surely apreciate your help .
On some places it is necessary, as you are main wound curer and this enables you to do that in combat and also to cure whole fellowship at once.
Usefull in PVP when extra duration of antistun makes it easier to maintain and +2 more stealth detection is always good. Also needed on some raids when you need to antistun plenty of people.
This is just some etra damage but i don't think it is significant.
Imho copletly useless trait. Signs of the Wild have anyway longer duration then cooldown and if you want to remove dots then zou can just resummon, but i assume if you play Keeper of animals, you need to keep your pet alive.
This trait raises the level of your bear +1. I don't use bear very often as there are better pets. So this trait is also useless.
One of traits that also looks stupid. The only good thing about it is that with this trait you should be able to use both Sign of the wild on pet.


Ok, take a look at it, awesomeness. It is awesoem as it is, but it even alows you to get some really nice extra stats on your sword + you look cool :D
Hmm second trait to be always equipped after moria, since you are usually AoE damage traited and this really helps with cooldown down on 2 minutes instead of 5. It is needed in PvP as it can do a lot of damage to large group of creeps and aslo 6s stun. You should also know, that if you get once something in range and you start the induction your target cant run away,Ii have some reports, that even hidding behind tree did not helped.
Usefull sometimes in raids, if there is a lot of power draining, also on turtle the auto rezz really helps (eagle is not affected by the dot)
Never used this, i think there are far more usefull legendary traits, but if you want to try Keeper of Animals this might help you with surviving, cause you have to rely on your pet. The effects are pretty much just like beast lore, just a bit stronger
Woot, Woot, if properly setted it is a skill with 0,8s induction, 30s cooldown and cca 600 damage - kickass
Take this on every raid, it gives you longer duration on debuffs and makes See all ends a true debuff.
This trait gives you one more pet. He is kickass, just he takes a legendary trait spot and 5 traits in KoA Pche... Anyway it has good flank rate, attack form distance and can open FM (not that often) It is definitely the best of all pets, but...