In this chapter I'll aim for your staff and book, as i count the off-hand sword primarily as some extra stats. You dont do a lot of dmg in


For solo, or small instances, don't even think about not using legendary weapon. Your legendary staff is the best one you can have solo, if you have proper legacies, which is not that hard these times. In order to get your ultimate staff, you should look for these legacies in this order:

+ Tactical skills direct damage Nothing to explain here, it is the biggest boost.
+ Fire skills critical multiplier With average 2000 crit rating, it makes a difference.
(- Staff strike cooldown) This legacy is essential only if you play with bog-guardian(a lot of flanks, that can be used with improved staff strike), otherwise it isn't really that good, when you are on range most of the time
+ Burning embers initial damage This is your most damaging skill in time so it is worth it.
+ Sticky gourd damage Second awesome skill, without legendary trait it sucks!!
+ Cracked Earth damage Third most damaging skill.
+ Cracked Earth range Usefull for soloing, it gives you more time to execute another skills with this tactic

Of course, there is plenty of other legacies that will boost your damage a bit, but the boost is not that big in those cases. Also notice the relics! I usewith every legendary Ancient rune of thunder, Adamant gem of dreams and tier 5/7 setting with +15vit.


While raiding, when your not there do damage, you'll probably want to buff another stats. One every single raid I take True golden wood staff, which is the best what you can get.


Shortly, loremaster's book is awesome thing. Of course you can divide legacies to raid/solo ones onto two books . But basicly all legacies used in raid are usefull in soloing too.

- Target physical skills resist rating Enhances mezz(DN) and corruption removal
- Target tactical damage skill resist rating Attention: this legacy does not effect Fire-lore. Anyway it is still awesome legacy for solo.
- Target Fire damage skills resist rating This legacy is not that good as previous, but it can still do the job, as most of your skills are fire based. It's a good one but I prefer different.
+ Non damaging sign of power duration Awesome legacy, it enables you to remain the only LM in raid, because without resist you can keep SoP:See all ends on all the time. Also usefull in PVP for antistun extended duration
+ Burning embers pulses Nice for Solo/PVP these long time DoTs do almost same damage in time as LotRD, CE or Ents
+ Wizard's fire pulses Same as previous, even better in PVP because it is instant
+ Fire skills critical rating Nothig to explain, it is a nice damage boost


The two things that you really want to have on your book for raiding are +Non damaging sign of power and -Target physical resit rating. The rest of legacies is here to buff your DPS.